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  • Generate monthly passive income (1-2%) consistently

  • Investments are made in NIFTY 50 Stocks

  • Findmystocks Web Apps hosted in Microsoft Cloud and is accessible through outlook mail id

  • Self service and Managed service options available

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What services are offered by Findmystocks?

Findmystocks Web App is available on subscription basis for retail customer. Along with Software Application we also provide provide with dedicated managed service (optional) to make your stock investment 100% passive in terms of your time and effort commitment.
Check out our service offering page to know about the subscription types and associated fees

What others are saying

Great stock investment tool. I have been using this software since its inception 2010 .It is 100% passive there is no involvement of even a single minute and still it generate monthly profit (1.33%) consistently which i withdraw and put it in PPF account. Good Job guys!!

Kumar, IT Professional
Hi, I’ve been using this tool Since April 2016 (Newbie) and I’m quite impressed with the profit amount that i receive into my bank account every month without even touching the computer or mobile screen. As a housewife I don’t have time to explore share market. This tool fits well in my portfolio of investment. I have received avg. profit 1.4% of my monthly invesetment

Shelu, Housewife

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